What Is Child Abuse? 

What is Parental Alienation?


WHAT IS CHILD ABUSE?  It is any act that negatively affects a child’s welfare and endangers the child.  It includes acts such a neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and even psychological abuse.  Neglect involves any act that omits or causes a lapse in the care or protection of a child.  Physical abuse and sexual abuse are acts that involve bodily harm.  And then there is psychological abuse, which is probably the most insidious of the abuses.


It is abuse that works via the mind.  In other words, it is an internalized abuse utilizing scare and gaslighting tactics to make someone fear and revere a person.  It is a form of bullying and domestic violence that should not be allowed to happen. It involves all the nasty tactics that a terrorist would use including:

  1. Rejecting (spurning)

  2. Terrorizing

  3. Corrupting

  4. Denying essential stimulation, emotional responsiveness, or availability

  5. Unreliable and inconsistent parenting

  6. Mental health, medical, or educational neglect

  7. Degrading/devaluing (spurning)

  8. Isolating

  9. Exploiting


Every day another child is seriously abused whether by physical, sexual or psychological abuse.  Dance to End Child abuse was created to raise money to help stop this abuse while finding innovative ways to raise educational awareness about the affects of a specific form of psychological abuse called Parental Alienation, also known as Hostile Aggressive Parenting or Parentectomy, which all fall under PTSD and several other DSM 5 diagnoses (click to email for information).


Parental Alienation involves hostile and aggressive parenting behavior that causes the child to be alienated from a once loved parent or relative who is a good safe parent.  This causes severe psychological trauma to all involved and is considered a severe form of psychological abuse, often passed down from generation to generation.  It can further be descried as involving the impediment and destruction of the relationship between the child(ren) and the other (targeted) once loved parent. But it is not limited to parents and can include grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and even once very close friends.  This abuse causes PTSD in all of the family members, but especially to the children who do NOT have the emotional maturity to handle this type of abuse.


Dance to End Child Abuse has it’s roots and origins dating back to 1996, when Joan Kloth-Zanard began working with victims of psychological abuse related to Parental Alienation.  Joan realized back then that this was an insidious form of abuse.  She went back to school for mental heath training and education so she could be an asset to victims of this type of abuse.  In 2010, Joan formed PAS Intervention into a Federal Tax Exempt Corporation under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the IRS so she could raise funding to continue providing free support, financial aid, legal assistance, and more while raising educational awareness and training for the courts, counselors, therapists, agencies and families affected by this severe form of abuse.


Joan began dancing at the age of 2.  It has been her passion and way to work through life while staying in shape and maintaining her degenerative joint disease.  When her daughter was born, she began her in dance classes early too.  It has become a major part of their life and something that they feel is worth sharing to raise money to stop child abuse.  With 50 years of dance training and education behind her, Joan is putting together a dance show featuring artists, schools and professional dancers from all over.  Her hope is to raise enough money to continue to provide FREE services to End Child Abuse.


In addition, any dance studio that wants to sponsor a dance class to raise funds or setup a donation jar at their studio or during their recital for Dance To End Child Abuse, please contact us at Info@Dance2EndChildAbuse.org.

For more information about PAS Intervention, please go to www.PAS-Intervention.com